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This September, You Can Make a BIG Difference by Spending Very Little… OR NOTHING AT ALL!

Save thousands of dollars every year while saving the planet when you make the switch to solar energy.

Now you have the power to benefit from the strongest* energy source on Earth. Through September, you can pay $0 for panels with our PPA/Lease or save up to $2,000 off with purchase of your solar system.

Either way, you are guaranteed to save on your utility costs.

Solar Energy World Makes It Easy To Go Solar

If you’re on a budget, we offer a Solar Lease or PPA option where you can literally pay $0 for solar panels and installation to lock in a lower rate than your utility. Our customers call this the no-brainer option because you pay nothing to start saving money. If you are more interested in earning income from going solar and producing a strong return on your investment, then purchasing a solar system with up to $2,000 off with financing, or paying cash for it could be the better option for you. Either way, going solar is a smart financial decision.

Worried About Power Outages?⚡

All systems Solar Energy World installs are battery-ready, so if you wish, you can include Battery storage along with your Solar Energy World solar panel installation. A solar battery can power essentials like your refrigerator and well pump if the grid goes down. We offer the top-rated solar storage brands including Tesla Powerwall, Enphase and SolarEdge.

The Truth About Solar Backup Battery Power – The fact is, the majority of the Solar-powered homes in the USA do not have solar backup battery installed as a grid-tied solar system is still the most efficient and cost-effective way to go solar today. Most of Solar Energy World’s thousands of customers are saving significantly on their electricity costs and have never had a solar battery. Many of them no longer pay a utility bill. So, if you decide you aren’t ready to get a battery yet, you can still start saving money right now and add battery backup later*.

Our Solar Panel Installation Process

  1. Cost / Benefit Analysis
  2. Site Assessment
  3. Solar Rebates & Incentives
  4. Professional Installation
  5. System Inspection
  6. System Monitoring & Support
  • 1

    Cost / Benefit Analysis
  • 2

    Site Assessment

  • 3

    Solar Rebates & Incentives

  • 4

    Professional Installation

  • 5

    System Inspection

  • 6

    System Monitoring & Support

What Is the Difference Between Owning and Leasing Your System?

Solar System Lease

  • Pay $0 for equipment / installation
  • Lowers your utility bill by 20-30% [1]
  • Start saving money immediately
  • Pay $0 for electricity [2]
  • Make money off excess power generated


Solar System Ownership

  • Pay $0 for electricity [2]
  • Make money off excess power generated
  • Phenomenal ROI [3]
  • Financing Available
  • Pay $0 for equipment / installation

Buying a Solar Panel System From Us Benefits Children, Too

Every 90 seconds, a child dies due to waterborne diseases. Solar Energy World donates $20 for every completed installation to the GivePowerTM Foundation*. GivePower helps build solar-powered water purification farms, so families never have to drink toxic water again. In other words, when you switch to solar power, you’ll help make the world a better place—in more ways than one.

Solar Energy World is a Regional Leader for Residential Solar Power

We’re locally owned and operated, a regional leader in solar panel system design and installation. Since our founding in 2009, we’ve installed thousands of solar systems, averaging 130-140 new installations a month—and that number keeps growing. 

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Why do customers love Solar Energy World?

  1. We’re not a discount retail chain.
    You are guaranteed to receive personalized service.
  2. We practice what we preach.
    We run our headquarters on a solar system designed and installed by our own employees. You can even tour our Maryland showroom and solar rooftop to see for yourself.
  3. Our customers truly love us.
    To prove it, we’ll let you contact anyone at random from our customer list for an unbiased, unrehearsed reference.
  4. We take care of all the paperwork for you.
    You’ll get all the tax incentives and income-generating benefits you are entitled to hassle-free.
  5. We install only the highest-quality, highest-efficiency solar panels.
    Performance guaranteed.
  6. We never hire subcontractors to your home or business.
    Every person who works on your system is an employee of Solar Energy World, fully accountable to us—ensuring you receive superior service.
  7. We provide 24/7 monitoring and diagnostics.
    Once your system is installed, ensuring it will always operate optimally.

See What Customers Love
About Solar Energy World

"We were satisfied with Solar Energy World’s timeline because they stuck with it. We’re happy with our utility bill because now we have none."
- Tania Randell  Customer
"I'm really pleased with the work of Solar Energy World and the value solar adds to our home."
- Alan Beckerman  Customer
"I love my solar panels on my roof. In the past 8 months, I have paid nothing to the electric company!"
- Susan Filesi  Customer

Go Solar Today Because Tomorrow Matters

Requesting an estimate is 100% FREE and takes less than 5 minutes.

**Terms & Conditions

During the current COVID-19 crisis, Solar Energy World has decided to protect our employees as well as our customers by offering both virtual home consultations for customers — utilizing video conferencing technology and DocuSign electronic signature tools — and in-person home consultations.

OFFER TERMS: Every homeowner’s situation is different, so we need to take a look at your roof, which direction your home is facing and run the numbers to see how we can best make solar work for you.

  • All offers end 06/30/2024 and are pending credit approval.
  • Offers cannot be combined or added to other discounts or specials previously proposed by a company representative. Offers are not available retroactively to current customers.
  • Gift offer only available to customers who have completed their free solar evaluation by 06/30/2024. Allow 5-7 business days for delivery if evaluation was competed virtually / online.
  • Offers do not include battery backup. However, if you are interested in battery, please let us know because battery backup is available with your solar panel installation.
  • RateGuardian™ $0 Down PPA is pending credit approval and is not available to Virginia, Delaware, North Carolina and Florida Residents. However our $0 Down Solar Lease can be substituted for PPA in Florida.
  • Special Purchase Discount offer is Based on System size – Excellent financing available. Homeowners who own their solar systems can also earn income from the excess energy their solar panels produce through net-metering and SRECS. Tax breaks and incentives are also available. Discounts are as follows:
    • $2000 Off: 20kW + system
    • $1500 Off: 15-19kW system
    • $1000 Off: 10-14kW system
    • $500 Off: 7.5-9kW system
  • PPA = Power Purchase Agreement